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0G Project

Welcome to the 0G Project.

WARNING: If you use Tor, make sure you access it through an address, rather than through a tor2web proxy such as The latter modifies web pages in transit, even with htts (this should be a link to the Tor site, and this should be a functional link to a Tor2Web site, but note how they're modified and even broken), makes them look even uglier than designed, and probably track you. Supporting organizations offer redirects for Tor addresses, to make them more mnemonic, and for Tor2Web addresses, for convenience.

This web site is under construction. It is a placeholder for the 0G Project's web site.

The 0G Project's goal is to escape the Surveillance Blackhole, bringing user freedom and privacy to mobile computing. It encompasses the following notions:

Read the 0G Manifesto for more information.

Watch the recording of the 0G launch at DebConf 19, or the upcoming presentation for NUUG Oslo's Oct 2020 meeting.

Join us on the #0G channel on FreeNode IRC.